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Shopping in Croatia


Traditional handicrafts like embroidery, woodcarvings and ceramics make good souvenirs. Tourists can reclaim VAT on expenditure of more than 500kn. Visitors should ensure that all receipts are retained after any purchase is made, as financial police have the power to fine visitors without relevant documents. This is to prevent VAT evasion by shopkeepers.

Shopping hours are generally Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm, Saturday 8 am-2/3 pm. Some shops in cities may now open on Sundays.


Except for Dolac Market, shopping isn't very exciting in Zagreb, and serious bargain hunters will be disappointed in the prices and what's available, especially in clothing. The number of stores that sell good quality or even designer garb is increasing, but as a rule, clothing here is either imported and very expensive, or very cheap, depending on its country of origin. However, shopping malls anchored by huge stores that resemble Super K-Marts are popping up all over town and attracting big crowds. There are also a few places that sell apparel and other items worth checking out.

Western-style malls are springing up all over Zagreb. Kaptol Center on Nova Ves in Gornji Grad houses upscale retailers; a multiplex cinema; and an excellent assortment of cafés, restaurants and bars. Importanne runs two malls, one under the park across the street from the main train station, and another at Iblerov Trg just west of the city centre. Branimir Center on Branimir just east of the train station also has a multiplex plus several decent restaurants, in addition to shops and the Arcotel Allegra Hotel. King Cross at Jankomir and City Center southwest of Zagreb are the closest things to an American mall. Each has nearly 100 stores that include brand-name retailers like Benetton, Sisley and Esprit, plus electronics, sporting goods and home stores. There are also lots of cafés and a couple of huge supermarkets there.

If you are looking for a souvenir, perhaps the best place to visit is the Turistički Informativni Centar located in the central square in Zagreb (Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 11). There you can find everything ranging from postcards and books to pottery and crystal. Also, check out the two shops on your right as you are walking from the central square to the Cathedral.

For books, films and video games, the best shops are Algoritam (Gajeva 1) and Profil Megastore (Bogovićeva 7). The two shops are within 200 metres of each other. They also sell foreign magazines at very high prices.





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